Concerts 2021

The opening concert tickets are available now! English website will be updated later. Please check the concerts on Finnish version

The opening concert "Slavic evening" will be on 7th of July held at Warkaus hall, Varkaus, Finland. Limited amount of tickets are available. Purchase here

The program:

L. Janáček: Pohádka for cello and piano

D. Šostakovitš: Pianotrio nro 1 c minor, Op. 8

F. Chopin: Nocturne F major Op. 15 nro 1

"Minute waltz" op. 64 nro. 1

"Revolutionary Étude" Op. 10 nro 12


P. Tšaikovski: String sextet d minor, Op. 70 "Souvenir de Florence"